General Motors Corporation

Delta Stamping Plant - Lansing, Michigan

General Motors Corporation Delta Stamping Plant

Services: New Construction/General Trades

Contract: General Contractor

Square Footage: 700,000

Owner: General Motors Corporation
300 Renaissance Cener
Detroit, MI 48265

Architect: Albert Kahn
7430 Second Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202

LaSalle was awarded the general contract to complete the architectural trades package for the 660,000 sqaure foot Delta Stamping Plant. Work consisted of placing and finishing 660,000 square feet of floor slab, siding the entire plant, construction of a new 30,000 sqaure foot administration building and a 10,000 square foot shipping building. This included all mechanical, electrical, fire protection, overhead doors, miscellaneous iron, metal studs and drywall. The project also included installation of all truck dock equipment and finishes required for the completion of the plant.