General Motors Corporation

South Campus GSB1 and Connecting Link Buildings - Warren, Michigan

General Motors Corporation

Services: New Construction and Renovation

Contract: General Contractor

Square Footage: 300,000 Renovation, 140,000 New Construction

Owner: General Motors Corporation
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265

Architects: Doshi & Associates
5755 New King Street Suite 210
Troy, MI 48098

The project included complete renovation of the 300,000 square foot GSB1 building and construction of a new 140,000 square foot Connecting Link building. Both are located on the South Campus of the General Motors (GM) Tech Center in Warren, Michigan.

In spite of labor shortages being at an all time high, this $47.8 million fast-tracked project was completed and operational in seven and a half months.

The 140,000 square foot Connecting Link building consisted of office space, a simulation assembly plant, coordinate measurements machines and an area for the assembly of prototype vehicles. The simulation assembly plant allows GM to execute design changes more efficiently, thereby reducing the time required to bring new products to market while the Coordinate Measurements Machines check body part tolerances.