General Motors Corporation

Transmission Plant – Warren, Michigan

General Motors Corporation

Services: Plant Renovation

Contract: Design Build

Square Footage: 500,000

Owner: : General Motors
GM Manufacturing, North America
GM Warren Transmission Plant
Warren, MI

Architect: Giffels, IBI
25200 Telegraph Street, Suite 200
Southfield, MI

Design-Build services to renovate 500,000 square feet of the original 2,000,000 square foot 1940’s building construction for General Motors. The project consists of the complete demolition of two administration buildings, approximately 63,000 square feet combined, and removal of 14 existing bays and to rebuild new bays in the same location to provide new truck docks, including rework of road access and underground utilities. A new mechanical room with cooling towers and chiller system and supporting electrical switchgear room were provided for the conversion of existing Air Houses from steam to gas with chilled water and coils. New concrete topping of varying depths, 10” and 12” was placed throughout the new production area, approximately 350,000 square feet. An additional employee entrance with supporting areas, Lobby, Break Area, and Tool Pre-Set area was provided in addition to the main scope of work. The project was designed by using 3D modeling, point cloud data and Tru-view in collaboration with General Motors, The LaSalle Group, Giffels IBI Group and Teamed Subcontractors to reduce the amount of interferences, clashes, and to expedite the overall delivery system.