Health Care

Veteran’s Administration

H.H. McGuire V.A. Medical Center addition - Richmond, Virginia

Veteran’s Administration

Services: New Construction/Renovation

Contract: General Contractor

Square Footage: 100,000

Owner: Veteran’s Administration
1201 Broad Rock Blvd.
Richmond, VA

Architect: Cornerstone Architects
23 W. Broad Street, Suite 200
Richmond, VA

LaSalle was awarded the contract at the Hunter Holmes McGuire V.A. Medical Center to construct a new, two-story, 100,000 square foot hospital addition and renovate several areas of the existing building.

The project consisted of selective demolition, site development, infrastructure, new exam rooms and offices, electrical and mechanical upgrades, diagnostic testing laboratories for magnetic resonance imaging, cardiac catheterization, mammography, radiation therapy, electrophysiology, photophoresis and lithotripsy areas.

All construction activities were performed while the facility was occupied and completed without interruption to the existing hospital’s daily operations. This project is located in a urban setting on a medical campus and in order to keep disruptions to the staff and busy campus at a minimum, phasing plans were developed collaboratively with the staff and subcontractors.